How to use Sessions

Sessions and Roles are the basic elements of using AsyncMatic successfully.


Sessions can be found under the Hiring tab.

You can see the default session in

Sessions contain any task that your new hire will perform through their first few months.

Editing an existing session

You can edit an existing session by clicking the pencil icon on the top right corner of each session.

You can edit the name, description etc for a session.

Expected timeframe is where you specify when will the new hire perform this task.
For example: Setting up the development envionment can be done within the first two weeks.

In the analytics section, you can see how each session is perceived by the new hires, get feedbacks on each session and improve them as you go.

Creating a new session

You can also create a new session by clicking the create session button in the sessions page. The steps are similar to editing an existing session.

The sessions you assign to a role ( read about roles here ) will appear in their onboarding tasks section.

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