Inviting a new hire to AsyncMatic

Once you have sorted out Roles and Sessions , you can invite a new hire to join your team.

This can be done under the Hiring tab. ( )

You can choose Role, Team and Buddy from the list. Now just enter the new hire's email and press the invite button.

An e-mail will be sent to this user with an invite link to join your organization.

User can follow the link and complete the sign up. Once he/she finishes signing up the will see the sessions associated with roles as their onboarding tasks.

Now, the new hire can help themselves through the onboarding process. Once they complete each task, they can provide feedbacks on those task.

But what if they get blocked while performing tasks. Whom to ask when you are working remote and there is no one sitting around you to ask for help? That is where Team-wiki becomes useful.


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