Payroll for remote teams in Asyncmatic

This is a guide on how to use Payroll feature in Asyncmatic.

Configure your payroll settings and update your Transferwise API key

1. Go to Admin settings

2. Click Payroll settings

3. Update all the fields - Transferwise API key, Your workspace currency ( depending on you location - USD or Euro )

4. Save changes

Acquiring your API token

Your API tokens section can be found at the bottom of the Settings page inside your TransferWise account. By default, you have no active tokens. You can issue new tokens after enabling 2-step login.

Now you are ready to use your Payroll.

Paying your employees

In Asyncmatic - navigate to Payroll tab.

All your employee information will be visible here.

For the first time, you need to update the gross pay (monthly) of all your employees.
All you need to do now, is verify and confirm the payment. 


You can find details of your employees and their  payroll here. Here are the terms used in Payroll.

Gross pay - Gross pay is the base monthly salary according to the contract. Gross pay should be entered for the first time. You can always edit Gross pay by clicking the pencil icon next to it.

Reimbursement - It is the sum of all approved reimbursements that was requested through Asyncmatic.

Benefits - Sum of all benefits provided by the company on a monthly basis ( Home office assistance, Gym memberships, Insurance etc )

Amount payable - Total amount that will be transferred to the employee in a particular month.

Sub total - Total package including benefits and all other pay

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